Vault Check: Dr S Gachet – Remember The Roller

Presumably named in part after Dr Paul Gachet, a homoeopathic Doctor known personally to infamous impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, Dr S Gachet, A.W.O.L resident and owner of Audio Maze records, released a good handful of records on Funky Junky and Labello Blanco before starting his own imprint in 1995.

The very first release on Audio Maze in that year was this absolutely unforgettable slab, a true definition of the word roller if ever there was one (and maybe, just possibly, where the term first gained recognition within the drum & bass movement). Sparse in content, but with just enough constituent parts to tear down ceilings, the Reese in this made even the most astute head-nodder bust out the screwface, and this track was inescapable during ‘95/’96.

An epic record with lower bass tones that you could feel rumbling through guts, providing the bass bins was big enough. Many DJ’s would let this one roll from start to finish. It would have been a waste to do anything less.

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