Break announces dubplate-packed LP release

Bristol-based heavyweight Break has announced his latest LP, giving us a slice of drum perfection to end the winter. Entitled Break – Dusty Demos, the album is an exciting revisit to previous ‘works in progress’ dating back to 2003. Famed for his high output of releases, fans of Break will have noticed the two-year interval between his LP releases, but this is undoubtedly worth the wait.

With fans online already speculating which of their favourite unreleased tracks from studio mixes and club nights could be on the roster, it’s hard not to get excited about what’s coming. Speaking with us in a previous interview, Break estimated only “50-60% of [his]dnb tracks get released”, so this album only scratches the surface on what must be a treasure trove of untitled gems.

We’re most excited for Less Is More, a typical Break bruiser, bound to get anyone checking out the latest government Covid stats for an idea of when we’ll hear it on the dance floor.

Break – Dusty Demos is out on Symmetry Recordings on 26 February

SYMMLP009 – Break – Dusty Demos by Break


  1. Break – Less Is More [2003]
  2. Break & Mark System – Super Blue [2004]
  3. Break & Kyo – Sneaky [2004]
  4. Break – Come Closer [2005]
  5. Break – Legna [2005]
  6. Break & Nico – All In [2006]
  7. Break – Take Me There [2006]
  8. Break – Sabotage [2007]
  9. Break – Bongo Fire [2007]
  10. Break – High Punch [2009]
  11. Break – Get Hot [2010]
  12. Break – Himself [2012]

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