Acon Release Digital Restoration Suite

Acon have released their new Digital Restoration Suite which promises to clean up and add digital polish to your recordings. Cutting out unwanted frequencies and noise distortion from your audio.  The multiple plugins are designed for specific purposes and have been built with the user in mind. The suite certainly sounds like a worthy investment and could save a lot of time and trouble for the home and professional producer. Here is Acon’s official press release:

Hiss, hum, clicks, crackle and clipping effectively destroy any listening pleasure – and the human ear is very sensitive. Either you are struggling with noisy recordings in new productions or dealing with noise from old treasures originating from LPs, cassettes or tapes – with the introduction of the new Restoration Suite, Acon Digital brings a plug-in collection to the market that allows seasoned audio engineers as well as beginners to quickly achieve excellent results. The plug-ins efficiently suppress noise with minimal impact on the source material. In order to use the plug-ins, a VST or AU compatible host application is required.
Restoration Suite is the result of years of research and development within the field of noise reduction and audio processing. It includes the tools DeNoise for broadband noise reduction, DeHum to filter out hum and buzz noise, DeClick to remove typical pops and crackles from vinyl and 78 RPM recordings as well as DeClip to reconstruct clipped peaks.
Acon Digital Restoration Suite is available for both Windows (PC) and OSX (Macintosh) for $99.90 (USD) at
“For the first time, we break out of the Windows world and release software for the Macintosh platform” says Stian Aagedal, managing director and chief developer at Acon AS, noticeably pleased with the technological leap achieved by the audio specialists from Norway.  “We feel confident that the new plug-in suite will receive considerable interest in this growing and quality aware market, primarily because of the streamlined workflow and excellent audio quality”
We are eagerly awaiting checking out Acon’s Digital Restoration Suite and we’ll bring you a full review soon!

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