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Get to Know: Charla Green

Who is Charla Green? She’s the jungle/drum and bass producer making waves in Sheffield. Despite working with a pandemic in the background, 2021 has been a defining year for Charla Green. Starting with the trippy Unauthorised Passenger release on Off Me Nut Records earlier this year it was quickly followed by an unforgettable nostalgia blast […]

Vault Check: Dr S Gachet – Remember The Roller

Presumably named in part after Dr Paul Gachet, a homoeopathic Doctor known personally to infamous impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, Dr S Gachet, A.W.O.L resident and owner of Audio Maze records, released a good handful of records on Funky Junky and Labello Blanco before starting his own imprint in 1995. The very first release on […]

Introducing: MOUNTAIN

If you’ve not heard of Japanese wonderboy and heavyweight producer Mountain (Shigeta Kamiyama) by now, then you must have been residing under a slightly large rock… This East Asian enigma has been shelling down the dance in Japan and beyond since his first release titled ‘Overheat’ on Soulvent Records back in 2018. Receiving early support […]

Audio Farm Festival 2021: A Special Communal Experience

We headed up to Kidderminster to see what Audio Farm Festival had to offer. The independent festival ran for 5 days, but we came to see the Sunday lineup consisting of sets from Goldie, 2 Bad Mice, Euphonique and Bryan Gee.  The setting of Audio Farm was certainly unique, offering an atmospheric and peaceful environment. […]

Synthesizers news

The Latest Free Synthesizer Firmware Updates

The Latest Free Synthesizer Firmware Updates Naomi Bolton Fri, 12/01/2023 – 08:40

VST Release Round-Up

VST Release Round-Up Naomi Bolton Fri, 11/24/2023 – 07:28

My First Modular System Live On Kickstarter

My First Modular System Live On Kickstarter Naomi Bolton Fri, 11/24/2023 – 07:26

New Releases by Full Bucket Music, Universal Audio, Roland & Korg

New Releases by Full Bucket Music, Universal Audio, Roland & Korg Naomi Bolton Fri, 11/17/2023 – 08:55

New Releases by Roland, Roli, Arturia, and More

New Releases by Roland, Roli, Arturia, and More Naomi Bolton Fri, 11/10/2023 – 08:49

Music Business News

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Interview: Depeche Mode alumni Vince Clarke on modern synthpop, recording

If modesty were the best policy, Vince Clarke would be the king of tranquility. When asked about his indelible influence on today’s burgeoning electronic music scene, Clarke replies, “Our connection with what’s happening now is the fact that we play synthesizers. And that’s it.” He’s really being way too modest. A forefather of the electronic […]

Victory against Grooveshark shows music industry has upper hand on sharing sites

The music industry has been waging a bitter campaign against song-sharing sites for years and now, for better or worse, the industry is clearly winning. The latest evidence of this came Monday when a New York court ruled that the executives behind Grooveshark, a user-driven streaming site, had violated copyright and destroyed evidence. U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa […]

Grooveshark shares upbeat, defiant response to copyright ruling

Grooveshark received some damning news from a New York district court judge yesterday, but it is still trying to swim on. Today the streaming and uploading service shared a blog post with a response to the ruling. “This latest news dealt specifically with an early version of Grooveshark which we dispensed of in 2008 in […]

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